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1300 Method


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DURATION- 1.5 hours

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SUBJECT - Homebuying

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AUDIENCE- Homebuyers

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This how to class, focuses on buying a home with no down payment or closing cost. 

This unique program will show you step by step how you can buy a home while spending around $1300. From selecting the right loan program to buying a house that fits special loan programs to a little realtor magic, this program will open your eyes to ways of buying a home without the expense. 

Keep your money

It's a strategy, not a shortcut

This (4) section session, breaks down the real cost of buying a home and side steps it. We take industry standards, community programs, grants and more to help participants see how they can own a home sooner than later. 

Section 1. 

The Concept

We will discuss the true cost of buying a home and what type of house you can buy for only $1300 in out of pocket expenses

Section 2. 


Find out how to become eligible to buy a home for $1300 and qualify for a mortgage.

Section 3. 


Find out the steps you need to make in order to buy any home without paying a down payment or closing cost.

Section 4. 

Paying $1300

Hear about the only expenses you will have to pay in buying a home using the $1300 method

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