1300 Method


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DURATION- 1.5 hours

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SUBJECT - Investing

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AUDIENCE- Homebuyers

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This how to class, focuses on buying a home with no down payment or closing cost. 

This unique program will show you step by step how you can buy a home while spending around $1300. From selecting the right loan program to buying a house that fits special loan programs to a little realtor magic, this program will open your eyes to ways of buying a home without the expense. 


Home purchased using this method since 2018


Avg of closing cost assistance for buyers using this method


Average time it takes for class participants to become home owners

Keep you money

It's a strategy, not a shortcut

This (4) section session, breaks down the real cost of buying a home and side steps it. We take industry standards, community programs, grants and more to help participants see how they can own a home sooner than later. 

Section 1. 

The Concept

We will discuss the true cost of buying a home and what type of house you can buy for only $1300 in out of pocket expenses

Section 2. 


Find out how to become eligible to buy a home for $1300 and qualify for a mortgage.

Section 3. 


Find out the steps you need to make in order to buy any home without paying a down payment or closing cost.

Section 4. 

Paying $1300

Hear about the only expenses you will have to pay in buying a home using the $1300 method

Learn how to buy a home without and downpayment and closing cost.

*After you purchase access to 1300 Method you will receive access code to course.