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our story

For the times when you need answers to the questions you don't know to ask.

Built from the minds of Teal House Company, Economic stability and social impact are at the core of the Academy. As a members only academy we use real estate as a tool to address the growing wealth gap while making financial literacy and wealth building strategies make sense to participants.

We use custom curriculum design, engaging facilitation and impactful programming to ensure what we teach has real life implementation abilities.

The academy was made to be available and accessible to anyone. It is a place where the journey of wealth building, home ownership and financial literacy can begin. 



Over 500 class participants since 2016

85% of class participants have been women

48 homes purchased by first time home buyer class attendees

(That we know of) 

80% of participants have reached their desired real estate related goal with 12 months of taking class

(That we know of)

Over $11,000,000 in home purchased by participants

(That we know of)

70% of participants have taken (2) or more classes


About Us

Once you see it and recognize it.

A choice must be made

Everything you see here was created from Teal House Company's countless text messages with clients, hours of conversations and dozens of moments where people realized they accomplished their goals.


Whether you want to become a home owner, a millionaire investor or you're looking for ways to get your money right through real estate, the Academy is here. 


We use online events, offer training systems and hold pop up learning opportunities crafted to close the information and wealth gap. 

our values

We are here to do the best work we can, with the best people we can do it with

focused on results

Through our common goal of doing extraordinary work, we do what it takes to deliver impactful results.

continue learnng

We continuously challenge our assumptions with service, data and by listening to the community.

We know the most meaningful outcomes are made through connecting and sharing.

connection + growth

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