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How to buy a home without being a gentrifier. (10.26.23)


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DURATION- 1 hour

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SUBJECT - Home buying

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AUDIENCE- Families

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Gentrification in Richmond looks like rising rents, condo's and re-named communities. Communities are changing, legacy residents are leaving. But what do you do if you love the city but don't want to contribute to gentrification. This session will help you buy a hoe responsibly in a post gentrified Richmond,


Know your role

It's an inclusive idea

This (4) section program breaks down how you can responsibly buy a home with contributing to gentrification. 

Section 1.
RVA vs Richmond

We will discuss the strategic culture shift in Richmond and how it's generating poulation shifts

Section 2. 
The push out

We will go over the loss of legacy residents and traditions.

Section 3. 
How to buy

It's not where you buy, but how you buy. This section goes over how to be a responsible home buyer in a community that is being gentrified.

Section 4. 
Being a non-gentrifier neighbor

This section is an open discussion on how we can all be better neighbors.

Learn how to buy a home without being a gentrifier.

September 26, 2023

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