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DURATION- 1.5 hours

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SUBJECT - Housing/Investing

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AUDIENCE - Real Estate Pro/Investor/Community

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A presentation that brings solutions to entry level housing and responsible real estate investing by addressing Jim Crow era policies and it's impact on real estate today.

Resolute in our efforts

If not us , than who?

This unique conversation is a series of stories and ideas. We take the policies and beliefs that started in the Jim Crow era and dive into it's modern day impact. Using industry data, real time experience and an unwavering belief that the people want something different, we show how a side effect of broken housing polices are community based solutions.  

Section 1. 

White supremacy created the policies, procedures and messaging that created the real estate industry we have today. This section highlights key elements of hate that used real estate to widen the inequality gap.

Section 2. 

Housing affordability, health disparities and policing brutality in urban communities didn't just happen. Here we connect the dots from housing to the societal obstacles that plague today's society. 

Section 2. 

We are not those before us. We show how together, we can change how real estate is done and who can benefit. We will dive into how, we can embrace a new era in real estate by believing that housing is a right for all, not for some.

Date: February 27, 2022
Time: 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Cost: Free
Location: Zoom

(After you register, check your email for the Zoom link.)

Can't make it? Let us send you a link so you can watch it at a time that works for you!

Talk to you soon

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