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DURATION- 2 hours

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AUDIENCE- Housing professionals, Homebuyers

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SUBJECT - Housing

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This special presentation discusses the lasting on how social justice has changed h

Real talk, like it or not

The truth about real estate lies underneath the dark clouds of white supremacy. This sessions tells the story of racism found in real estate.

We created this (6) section learning program to be be a partner in a new home buyers thought process. To take a bird's eye view of their journey and put supportive insights at every step.

Section 1. 

Black housing is founded on racial in-equity. This has created lasting effects on communities, health, wealth and safety. We discuss it all here. 

Section 2. 
George Floyd Era

The summer of George Floyd created a social justice shift. Many of these changes have impact how non Blacks buy real estate. This sections highlights mindset and a new motivation to be inclusi

Section 3. 
E'Body Black

1934 was the start of something that would change the face of real estate in America for ever. We breakdown that changes caused by the creation of the Federal Housing Administration 

Section 4. 
Reconciliation + Reparations

Now that we addressed the problems. Now that we acknowledged who the offenders are, what now. 

Coming soon

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