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DURATION- 1.5 hours

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AUDIENCE- Everyone

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SUBJECT - Housing

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DELIVERED - In-person


This special presentation discusses how today's housing market was designed to exclude Blacks. We connect values, beliefs, strategies and government sanctioned oppression to housing policy. 

Real talk, like it or not

The truth about real estate lies underneath the dark clouds of white supremacy. This sessions tells the story of racism found in real estate.

We created this (6) section learning program to be be a partner in a new home buyers thought process. To take a bird's eye view of their journey and put supportive insights at every step.

Section 1. 


Rats and riots were a product of broken housing policies. We show the thread between rats and real estate in this explosive section. 

Section 2. 


Learn how the American housing industry was built on growth, opportunity and the repression of Blacks.

Section 3. 


1934 was the start of something that would change the face of real estate in America for ever. We breakdown that changes caused by the creation of the Federal Housing Administration 

Section 4. 


Why would our government keep people people from owning homes? Why are Whites better suited to own homes than Blacks? Section 4 is about talking truths!

Section 5. 


Redlining was a vital tool for racist housing policies. This section we will tackle the impact of redlining on Black housing.

This presentation is free

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