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Get Ready to Be Ready


Buying a home is about being ready mentally as well as financially. This create class, focuses on mindset and money. This course prepares you to do the hard work within yourself while buying a home. 

Take this class I learn why some people are renters and others are owners.

It's about you

It's mind, matter and everything in between

This (3) section session, shares hidden truths about how emotions and mindset play a vital role in buying a home. 

Section 1. 
The W's

We will discuss the true cost of waiting to buy a home

Section 2. 
Open = Fearless

Gain key insights on how being open to discuss finances, needs and wants will get you in a home sooner than later.

Section 3. 
Being Ready

This section goes over what must be done emotionally even before the realtor, mortgage and showings.

Learn how to buy a home without and downpayment and closing cost.

*After you purchase access to Get Ready to Be Ready you will receive course access code.

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