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DURATION- 1.5 hours

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AUDIENCE- Those interested in housing

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SUBJECT - Housing

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Black home buyers have been dealing with biases and mis-information for generations. This presentation is an interesting take on the impact lies and racist views have had on the black home ownership experience.

The told us it is what it is

Real estate was kept from Blacks, especially the growth opportunity. Spend a few moments to hear how we view the impact of exclusion on the Black experience in America.  

We created this (6) section learning program to be be a partner in a new home buyers thought process. To take a bird's eye view of their journey and put supportive insights at every step.

Section 1. 


Today's Black home buyer comes from a line of ancestors who were kept from real estate. That exclusion created ideas and understanding, some real some fake. We talk about it in this section. 

Section 2. 


Wealth inequality. health disparities and police killings are issues that impact survivors of housing inequality, we share the why's and how's.

Section 3. 


It's not all bad, this section talks about how we can turn the mis-information into real life solutions. 

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