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House Hunting 101


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DURATION- 1.5 hours

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SUBJECT - Home buying

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AUDIENCE- Homebuyers

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This session takes all of your hard work of getting ready to buy a home and puts it into action. You will learn everything from how you schedule homes to see to how to make a winning offer. 

An owner's attitude.

Either you're home shopping as an activity or to become an owner. 

We created this (6) section learning program to be be a partner in a new home buyers thought process. To take a bird's eye view of their journey and put supportive insights at every step.

Section 1. 

We will go over how homes are selected, what your realtor has to do to get you in to see the homes and your responsibility to being an active looker..

Section 2. 

Learn what you should be looking for when viewing homes. We will help you take the emotion out of the home search so you can focus on what matters the most to your family.

Section 3. 

Time to talk turkey. We will discuss best strategies you can use to win an offer while getting what you want and need. From negotiations to concessions, let's play to win. 

January 27, 2024
10:00am - 11:30am

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