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Investor Mentoring 

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Personal attention and partnership to help you create, grow and sustain your real estate dreams

Our mentoring programs combines developing, learning and doing. From lead generation to deal making and everything in between we will work with you. Mentees will receive exclusive access to Teal House Company and their network of providers and professionals. 


Our mentoring program is an opportunity to learn while doing. Mentoring is your chance to have a team to support you as you develop and grow your real estate business.


01. Developing

Business Setup


Service Structure

Proper Licensing Support


Business Ecosystem Building

Relationship Management

02. 101 Learning

Deal Evaluation

Cash Deals & Partnerships

Private Lenders & Hard Money


Buying + Holding

Buying + Flipping

Property Management

03. Starting

Finding Deals

Finding Cash Buyers

Finding Tenants

Evaluating Flips

Wholesale Contracts

Market to Sell

04. Shadowing

Customer Engagement

Driving for Dollars

Vendor Interaction

Meet + Greets


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In-Person Mentoring

Virtual Mentoring


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