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DURATION- 3 hours
(2 classes)

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AUDIENCE- Investors

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SUBJECT - Investing

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The rise in housing and labor cost have made investing in real estate more expensive than ever. Partnership over purchase or P.O.P is an innovative strategy that removes the acquisition cost associated with investing in real estate. It is a method that allows you to make money in real estate without buying real estate.   

Leveraging equity to avoid cost

Using shared interest as a tool to invest with the cost

POP is tool where investors can create profits while passing on wealth to owners who are looking to sell. It embraces mutal benefit, strategy and n understanding of current market trends. 

Section 1.
Stop Buying

Change your investor mindset by letting go of the old ways of investing. This section will go over the benfits of partnerships.

Section 2. 
Profitable Partnerships

Learn how to identify the right partner. From budget needs to available inventory, this section breaks down which homes make great deals. In addition learn how to get potential owners to agree. 

Section 3.
Contracts + Agreements

The right deal comes with an ever better agreement. Learn how you can protect yourself while closing the deal

Section 4. 
P.O.P Team

This sections will teach you how to build a team that will ensure your success. 

POP Method comes with 90 days of additional support

24/7 support

Resource sharing

Deal partnership opportunities

1 hour/month personal coaching

Shadowing opportunities

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Join us at the October session

October 10, 2022

Cost: $75

Stay in connected to us and POP.


Teal House will provide POP students with 90 days of post session support! The fee to join the program is $75 for individuals.


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