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Buying a Home with Student Loans


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DURATION- 1.5 hours

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SUBJECT - Homebuying

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AUDIENCE- Homebuyers

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Buying a home with student loans may seem like an impossible task, however it can be done. This special class goes over how you can get a mortgage with student loans. 

It can and will be done

There is a way to make it happen

This (3) special course tackles the issue of buying a home with student loans. This session discusses everything from debt to income to are deferments good or bad for your dream of ownership. 

Section 1. 
Your Scenario

This section goes over your personal financial circumstances. It is here where you can figure your road map to home ownerhsip with student loans. 

Section 2. 
Loan Options

We cover how your student loans impact specific mortgage products. 

Section 3. 
In Action

We take your personal scenario and connect them to loan options to help you create a stratgey for getting approved for a mortgage. 

Learn how you can own a home with student loans

*After purchase access you will receive access code to course.

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