Vendor Inclusion Project


Connecting, growing, supporting and referring.

VIP is more than a networking group. It is a building group. It embraces diversity and leverages different industries to create growth for members. 

VIP focuses on collaboration and business building over passing referrals. Everything we do is guided to include minority owned brands in the real estate industry. Each member must have a service, product that can be connected to the real estate industry.  

THE work


Through ideation sessions, presentations or sharing of past experiences, VIP looks to help each member grow their business. We see each members success as our success.


A key emphasis is on creating growth. There will be times where VIP members share in marketing and branding efforts. 


We work to generate and provide referrals through our work. Our referral strategy isn't about dropping names. It is all about creating shared value for members and our clients.


Commitment is not a marketing tool or business ploy, we expect our members to be committed to being leaders and a positive representation of inclusion in their industry. 

THE how

We have things to do, goals to meet, success to achieve and it takes all of us. 

On the first month of each month we meet with members. Our meetings are a combination of bringing information and resources to members that create business value. Every other meeting will bring conversation, best practices and topic discussions. 

VIP has monthly meetings but encourages weekly connections with group members. 

VIP members are hand selected by group members. Using an interview process, we will select one individual per industry. 

There is no cost to be a VIP Member Managed by Teal House Company


They pick and choose who is included. They show us who is excluded

The real estate industry has been built on tradition of racism and exclusion. We often focus on who can and who can't buy. This industry can no longer accept the money of all while provided opportunity for some. 

Let's Talk

If you think your business/brand should be a VIP Member, please contact us so we can connect. 

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